Human Centered Transformation

Effective projects in line with your strategy

Stuck in the middle of a major organisational transformation? Are you experiencing difficulties in delivering methods, techniques, tools and mindset on time, within budget and to the expected high quality? Do you want to know how to successfully implement a strategy and roadmap? And who delivers the right projects?

From poor project results to transformation effectiveness and stakeholder engagement: count on our end-to-end solution and flexible & measurable approach to build your transformation programme.

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Eager to know more?

Then definitely get in touch with Tobian David. He will be happy to schedule a first (virtual) meeting to discuss all your possibilities.
Let's get started!

Thibault Fabry

Business Development Manager .Data

+32 475 80 48 93

Roadmap execution

Getting value from key projects

We improve the effectiveness of your projects for better business performance. Your organisation will also be able to evolve into a project-driven organisation, which will help you execute your strategy more successfully.

We know how to steer your projects in the right direction. We advise you on setting realistic goals and how to achieve them, based on experience and proven strategies.

Everything under control - doing the right things right

You always have multiple projects running simultaneously. How do you make sure they are all properly aligned? How do you ensure a smooth flow of information within your portfolio? It takes good project, programme and portfolio management to ultimately achieve your goals. We ensure that the right projects, those with the most added value, are brought to a successful conclusion.

It is our standard procedure to provide a good overview of the programme objectives and the overall status. We proactively assess and report on interdependencies and risks to ensure quality delivery within budget and time. People management is just one of our pet subjects: stakeholder management is also a top priority at Tobania.

Maximum efficiency - successful project delivery

We first get to know your people and organisation. This enables us to fully recognise your strengths and capabilities and allows us to best understand what you do. The next step is to see where more business value can be created through hands-on project management.

Our consultants are experts in their field. They have experience in large programmes, in different environments, in managing complex technology and in challenging political situations. Getting the job done with respect for your expectations is what we do best.


Change Management:
Your strategy in harmony with your business and staff

The change you want and need

People naturally resist change. It takes a good approach to set a new course. Our methodology frees your path to change from all traffic jams. We ensure that your decisions have a solid and convincing foundation that is supported by and throughout the organisation.

Change is only possible if you believe in the methods to achieve it. Tobania opts for an approach tailored to your company and your objectives. Through a solid communication plan, all target groups quickly move to where they need to be.

We focus on your unique change process with your people. Our consultants are known for their excellent people skills. They sense the needs of a team unerringly and advise and implement the right approach.

User adoption - from employees to ambassadors

Future-proofing often involves changing working methods and daily habits. Your employees have to get to grips with new software, hardware or strategies. How do you achieve a migration without frustration?

Communication is key: it's important that everyone understands how it works, but also why new methods should replace old ones. At Tobania, we ensure a good preparation and transition. We create enthusiasm instead of frustration.

Practice what you preach: Our hands-on practice ensures that you can start using the new methods as soon as possible. A high awareness of the benefits motivates your employees to put the newly acquired skills into practice. We create ambassadors to support them on the shop floor.

How do we deal with change?

Did you know that we have years of experience and expertise in guiding organisations through fundamental change? Our team uses the approach of combining sequential steps and providing a solid foundation with realising improvements in manageable iterations. We take the best of different methodologies such as ADKAR to adopt a pragmatic and successful approach. Not a revolution but an evolution, moving forward together in co-creation, continuously learning, delivering results and adding value.


01.  Preparing the transformation

In the first phase we prepare the transformation together with the management team by sharpening the vision and defining the necessary requirements that will serve as a basis for rolling out the communication. This phase also aims at making people understand their role in the transformation. It is important to have a good understanding of the changes, but also of the ultimate goal in all its facets (the so-called “North Star”). This step is mainly focused on the ''why'' of the change and is crucial for having executive sponsorship (critical success factor of any transformation).

02. Providing training

In the second phase, we initiate the change with broad training (company-wide/awareness), combined with in-depth training of profiles/people who will play a crucial or new role. In addition, we start with continuous communication and coaching.

03. Starting small

In the third phase, we first focus on one or a few well-selected teams. This way, we can learn from them (continuous improvement). Afterwards, we proceed to “upscaling” other teams or the rest of the organisation.


The ADKAR methodology for
Human Centered Transformation


The founding idea of this model is to look at the individuals behind the change, thus creating a truly bottom-up approach. It’s not a sequential method (although many illustrations make it appear so), rather a set of goals to reach.

Each of these goals makes up a letter of the acronym:

  • Awareness of the need for Change.
  • Desire to support the Change.
  • Knowledge on how to Change.
  • Ability to demonstrate skills and behaviours.
  • Reinforcement to make the Change stick.

By focusing on achieving each of the five goals, the ADKAR model can be used to effectively plan out change on both an individual and organizational level.


The awareness stage is all about making sure that your employees understand the need for change. This is done essentially through communication activities, focused on transparency and on the benefits that we want to achieve.

In this phase, it is important to focus on understanding. It is not just a one-direction communication, but it needs to be a true awareness. Using hard evidence, expressing the ROI of change, as well as being clear about the pains of the process, are all elements that can positively support the process.

The entire model is based on the need to establish ‘Trust’ as a way to embed change faster and more steadily, which is why this phase is so relevant.



Inspiring the desire to change is the most difficult part of the ADKAR Change Management Model. Here you need to be appealing to both the logical and emotional side of the people involved. Which calls for an important dose of Leadership to be grounded into this step, and ensure you can really deliver commitment.

A key to the success of this phase is to ensure that people understand the benefits of the change and that they feel this can be relevant for them. But a successful Desire goal also means ensuring an effective feedback loop is created with the teams so that concerns are raised immediately and ideas are captured and implemented when relevant


The Knowledge goal of the ADKAR Change Management Model is meant to ensure that everyone in the organisation is not only aware but fully understand the need for change and all the steps involved in reaching it.

Best way to achieve this is to have a clear definition of the skills and knowledge needed once the ‘Change’ is in place, use this to identify all existing gaps, and start a process to fill these gaps through the appropriate training and upskilling activities.

This goes beyond the pure process knowledge though, as the goal requires people to know “how to change”: i.e. it is necessary to accompany the process training with clear guidance on the behavioural and soft-skills needed to proceed through the change process.


The ADKAR Change Management Model, as mentioned, is truly focused on the individuals. Which is why it takes care of carefully distinguishing between the theoretical knowledge of the processes that are changing, and the actual ability to perform the new tasks. A step that is often not considered in depth by other methodologies. And again, it is important to underline that the model accompanies the hard competence with the behavioural component.

As a change leader, you need to plan carefully this phase, both ensuring that practical exercises are added across the entire training phase, but that also a Performance Monitoring approach is put in place early on. Only this way you will be able to understand the real advancement. With the additional benefit of being able to measure the entire Change process.


Reinforcement is the last goal and is about making the Change stick. It means thinking about all the measures (such as appraisals, incentives, rewards) required to ensure that Change becomes the new norm. It also means ensuring you set up a monitoring system early on, both to assess and identify mistakes early on and correct them, but also to evaluate the results of the change process itself.


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