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Cost control

Go lean and mean

Keeping your costs under control is easier said than done. You have to save money without compromising on functionality and quality. Need help? We make sure that you grow into a <lean and mean> company.

We involve your employees. This is how we get the most out of your change processes, help you master your projects, and make sure your design is just right.

We also take a close look at your core business. Is your service good? Do you offer sufficient support? And do you manage your IT department the way it should be managed? We will make sure that you get everything under control before you incur your first big expenses.

The first step? Your analysis

A good start is half the battle. Your data-driven digital growth ambitions may sound delightfully innovative, but you will not get there without an unambiguous vision and a clear overview. That's why our specialists will map out your questions and carry out an initial audit. With their recommendations, you will know exactly where to start. They calculate your savings and returns so that you can immediately see the results and make informed decisions.

Technology as a cost driver

Your technology is constantly evolving. How can you easily keep your costs under control?

Did you know that cloud solutions create speed and flexibility with a manageable budget? You can also make adjustments and add new functionalities very quickly. Our architects draw up the plans for you: at the level of your company and your solution.


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Spot trends with BI

Do you want to make the right operational and strategic decisions? Business Intelligence (BI) can help you along the way. Thanks to data mining and data warehousing, you have all the knowledge you need in a single system. This makes it easy to make connections, spot trends, and closely follow developments. The days when BI solutions were large and expensive are long gone. Even as a smaller organisation, you can get started right away.



Take-away expertise

Bringing in expertise comes at a price. To assist you, we offer more than 1,000 “experts to go”. Depending on your type of challenge, you will choose a different expert. This can be both short and long term. Just think of the follow-up of your entire project. You choose – and we provide the maximum return. Ready to get started? Our Tobians are already looking forward to unleashing their hands-on approach. 

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Migrating to the cloud

Are you considering transferring your ICT infrastructure to a cloud provider? This cloud migration requires a well-thought-out and structured approach. Many aspects play a role in the choice of a reliable cloud provider and the implementation of the migration process.

How can Tobania help?

Teaser Application Integration

Application Integration

Simplify your daily operations.

Teaser Application Management

Application Management

Focus on your business.

Teaser Cloud Infrastructure Development

Cloud Architecture Development

Driving IT agility and new opportunities.

Teaser Helpdesk & Customer support

Helpdesk and Customer Support

At your service: customer satisfaction.

Teaser Digital Strategy definition & Roadmapping

Digital Strategy definition and Roadmapping

From strategy to actionable roadmap.

Teaser Test Automation

Test Automation

Enabling fast and continuous delivery.

Teaser Managed Workplace

Managed Workplace

We take care of your workplace infrastructure and applications.

Teaser Data Foundations

Data Foundations

Unite your processes, platforms, people and products with data as your central ingredient.

Teaser Data Usage

Data Usage

Value creation through analysis and intelligent algorithms

Teaser Marketing as a Service

Marketing as a Service

Stand out with your online marketing strategy

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