Who we are

We’re bold or italic, but never regular. Yes, that’s right. We are not your usual tech savvy people. We are Tobians.

We do it the Tobian way
Tobian noun
[countable, plural: Tobians]
(t ó b ì ù n s)

A digital enthousiast who is driven, passionate about his job, eager to learn and energetic. Brightness characterises him, to make you shine.

  • Goal digger
  • Wingman
  • Up-to-date professional

Discover Life at Tobania

Life at Tobania
100% made in Belgium

100% (made in) Belgium

As our customer's wingman, we at Tobania insist on being close to our customers, both literally and figuratively. According to our Close-Sourcing concept, we engage well-trained consultants, within the same time zone, at an easily accessible location.

Our promise? We always deliver the right mix of competences, at the right price and location to succeed your digital projects:

  • Belgian Quality Standard as a quality norm for our services and solutions
  • We deliver the right mix of competences at the right price and the right location
  • Management and knowledge centres are centralised in Belgium
  • International cooperation at a short distance

Passionate in all we do!

Our Tobians are all passionate specialists with a love for their field of expertise and the corresponding technology. Through continuous training and education, they keep up with the latest trends and evolutions in their field of expertise.

Our Tobians all have 1 common goal: create added value for you!

Because people are at the heart of what we do, we continuously strive to bring them a work experience that brings them value and that they like. In our recent employee engagement & wellbeing survey, we learned that 99% of our Tobians feel committed and connected to our company values and culture. We are proud that our employees can identify themselves with our TOBE values and feel at home at Tobania. Pure passion!


"99% of our Tobians feel committed and connected to our company values and culture!" Kim Van Walle - HR Director

Our TOBE values


Our Tobians are all TOBE:

Together // We act as one
We work with and for our customers, we create networking communities, build new ecosystems and exchange ideas. Customer success is our only goal.


Open // We care, so we share

We support our customers by sharing experience and knowledge. Tobania is always open to new creative ways of collaboration, to ever improve our services portfolio and to reinvent ourselves continuously in line with customer needs. Tobians are open minded and curious. They embrace change and innovation, they are learning and growing continuously. We foresee personalised career paths and confirm people in their strengths to make sure our customers get the best service possible.


Bright // We do it the Tobian way

As Tobians we start every project with willpower, passion, drive, energy and perseverance to achieve the best outcome of every project. We think out of the box. Continuous market watch, innovation lab and we stay up to date with new technologies and evolutions. We share these insights with our customers. Address projects or tasks in a well-considered (clever), pragmatic and out-of-the-box manner.


Entrepreneurial // We take initiative

Being the wingman of our customers means that we go beyond our project scope. Wewant to guide our customers through their digital transformation initiatives, inspire them. We are entrepreneurs and networkers, we build valuable eco-systems with customers, prospects, sector organisations and experts. We want to be a guide and leader, paving the way to an ever more competitive, strong and digital Belgium.

Working at Tobania


working at tobania


Our Tobians Health

CSR, because we care


Our Tobians health

Our own Tobians are the most important capital the company has. Therefore, we are continuously investing in regular dialogues with them. This allows our Tobians to bring out the best in them.


From entry-level employees to senior leaders, we believe there is always room to learn. We offer opportunities to build marketing skills alongside hands-on experience in the global, rapidly changing business and marketing world. 


From on-the-job learning experiences to formal development programmes at the Tobania Academy, our Tobians will have a variety of opportunities to continue to grow throughout their career.


Want to join our force? Check jobs.tobania.be


Our society

We receive so much from our society that Tobania would like to give something in return. Therefore, we are organising donations to food banks, charity walks and so on. We are witnessing a huge empowering platform within our Tobian community.  Check our activities via social media.


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Our nature
We have one planet, so we need to take good care of it. Tobania is contiuously selecting more environmentally friendly materials and partnerships than ever before. Some examples: we now print CO2 neutral, we select our partnerships with local players and with a limited impact on our environment.




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