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Compared with other sectors, as a bank, insurance company, or other financial institution (FI), you have been struggling with consumer marketing for some time. But this year, you will see a huge shift in the way you apply your strategies. For example, you would like to focus on personalised customer journeys.

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Thierry Parquet

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Eager to know more?

Then definitely get in touch with Tobian Thierry. He will be happy to schedule a first (virtual) meeting to discuss all your possibilities.
Let's get started!

Thierry Parquet

Director .Development

+32 475 42 26 45
Digital Transformation
Your digital transformation
Just like other sectors, you, too, are striving to introduce modern methods and integrate digital technologies into operational routines, aren't you? You are probably continually focusing on digitisation in order to increase operational efficiency, improve time-to-market, and deliver superior customer experiences.
Perhaps you even reduced the number of physical branches in order to invest in digital self-service channels now that online banking is the new normal. Smartphones simply make it easier and more feasible for you to offer customer-oriented services. 
Anyway, all these changes and new measures require a concrete and calculated approach in order to call it successful. Need some help?
Fin Tech
Joining forces with FinTech companies and start-ups

Your legacy systems are your biggest obstacle to growth and technological innovation. That’s why, as a bank, you regularly work with FinTech companies in order to build your digital experience.

At first, FinTechs were seen as competitors taking advantage of the void created by the inability of the financial services industry to keep up with technological breakthroughs. But partnerships between your bank and FinTechs are now increasingly becoming the norm. FinTechs provide marketing, administration, loan management, and other services that enable you to offer banking products and benefits.

The result? These partnerships are reshaping the landscape of financial services.


Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) as an accelerator
Fluctuating market conditions force you to regularly adjust and change your software landscape. Thanks to the rapid app development and the RAD automation software, you will always be ahead of the game. You know why? Because Rapid Application Delivery emphasises rapid prototyping rather than meticulous planning. That way, you will experience more efficient development processes which reduce both the time and expense of your development cycle. 
So, choose development models that are efficient and flexible from the design stage onwards.
ux design
Personalised UX for Generation Z

Generation Z will be your most important customer. This emerging generation of consumers expects to be treated as an individual and not as a segment. This means that you will need to build in a much stronger form of personalisation. The term we associate with this is “hyper-personalisation”. Thanks to this form of personalisation, your customers can put together their own banking product packages based on their needs and preferences. Do they wish to receive specific benefits from a wide selection of bank features? Then this should be possible. A “one-size-fits-all” approach will no longer get you very far.

Artificial Intelligence
Data, RPA, and AI

While your customer needs and competitive forces are steering you "full steam ahead" towards full-fledged digitalisation, you must also keep your costs down and your operating margins healthy.

New regulations and data protection laws put extra pressure on you. Your resources may be limited. But emerging technologies such as AI and robotics can help you efficiently address these limitations.

Did you know that several pioneers in the financial sector are already working with AI? For example, they work with chatbots and a flexible 24/7 customer service. AI can also be used to fight fraud and to easily comply with various regulations. The result? Innovative solutions such as biometric authentication, voice commerce, and robo-advisors are also making an appearance.


ux design
Focus on a unique user experience (UX)

Human-centred design is making considerable advances in technology and product design. By developing personalised customer experiences, a bank or other financial institution can increase its market share and build a loyal customer base.

Through our years of experience at various major banks and companies, we can help you further substantiate your digital transformation.

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