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Since the coronavirus crisis, we are all embracing change at a rapid pace, with the medical sector undergoing the greatest overhaul. So let's briefly consider the biggest digital trends in healthcare in greater detail.

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Eager to know more?

Then definitely get in touch with Tobian Wouter. He will be happy to schedule a first (virtual) meeting to discuss all your possibilities.
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Wouter Buckinx

Director .Data & .Business

+32 474 39 85 45
Personalised ecosystems are the future

Digitalisation wasn't built in a day. The impact of digital technology and artificial intelligence will continue to grow beyond the coronavirus crisis. Technology giants, for example, are engaged in a battle of billions for market share in the public cloud. Their main priority? Keeping the consumer's attention. In short, they want to create services that are useful for a wide range of customers and applications.

Together, these digital trends provide fertile ground for the development of consumer-oriented, personalised, intuitive and integrated ecosystems. Your relationship with the consumer may change as a result.


An agile business model

Given the high uncertainty, technological impact and highly funded innovation market, programmatic mergers and acquisitions will become the new normal. The consequence? Simple horizontal and vertical consolidations will make way for new business models.

The agile model, which was already firmly established in the IT sector, will now also be found in management processes. The result? Speed will prevail from the planning-to-implement phase. Senior Leaders, for example, will have to rethink their talent, organisational structures, business models and the retraining of their employees.


Quick decisions in the cloud

Your goal is not just to survive a crisis, but to come out of it stronger than the competition. That is why the resilience of your company is so important. Using cloud computing makes it possible to make better and faster decisions in healthcare - this is clearly becoming a digital trend in 2021.

What about a Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) as an accelerator?

Fluctuating market conditions force you to regularly adjust and change your software landscape. Thanks to RAD's fast app development and automation software, you can maintain your lead without worry. So choose development models that are efficient and flexible from the design stage onwards.


noun_Artificial Intelligence_1870306
Artificial intelligence working for healthcare

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, says that in the next five to ten years, healthcare offers the greatest and most promising potential for exploiting artificial intelligence systems (

This allows you to interpret data from portable devices with greater accuracy and more dynamically. These kinds of interpretations need to be personalized, but at the same time also aimed at large numbers.

So, on the one hand, it is about studying signals related to the health of one individual, but on the other hand it is about analyzing very large parts of the population. For example, this allows you to also obtain information about the number of cases in certain places.

Healthcare tailored to the patient

One of the most interesting technology trends in healthcare is undoubtedly personalization. It is a trend that could radically change the healthcare world, but also the well-being of each one of us. Will you tap into it?

What's more, personalization is the keyword for a new dialogue between users and healthcare device manufacturers. The same goes for dialogues between individuals and pharmaceutical companies, and between patients and healthcare institutions. So, where do we begin? We go back to digital, of course. By collecting data about individuals, you can set up a one-to-one, user-friendly, interactive and omnichannel communication flow. All this is possible without lengthy, unnecessary complications and without breaking the distance that is typical of this type of relationship.

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