Turning fragile into agile

Do you want to evolve into an agile company? Then it is best to embrace the agile philosophy and values to the core: from your people and culture to your technology and structure. But what exactly is business agility?

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Eager to know more?

Then definitely get in touch with Tobian Philippe. He will be happy to schedule a first (virtual) meeting to discuss all your possibilities.
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Thibault Fabry

Business Development Manager .Data

+32 475 80 48 93
Business Agility is your ability to:

  • adapt quickly to internal and external market changes;
  • respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements;
  • lead change productively without compromising on quality;
  • continuously build a competitive advantage.

Business agility enables you to be more creative and resilient in dealing with complexity, uncertainty and change. The result? More well-being and better results. Need help from our agile experts to get started?


Agile is more than a buzzword

Agile is a factual approach to project management with a factual definition. You cannot "think outside the box" in a quantifiable way, but you can implement agile project management in your business if you know what it actually is. If you don’t, you will be in the growing minority and gradually fall behind.

Do you fully understand agile? Then you will also gain a better understanding of how to implement Agile practices in your organisation and how to recognise situations that can be improved with a touch of agile.

What is agile project management?

The first - and perhaps the purest - definition of Agile project management originates from the Agile Manifesto itself, which identifies four overarching values:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools;
  • Working software over elaborate documentation;
  • Collaboration with customers rather than contract negotiations;
  • Responding to change rather than following a plan.

But we can distil that somewhat arcane summary into a more concise definition:

<Agile project management is an iterative development methodology that values human communication and feedback, adapting to change and producing working results.>


3 phases to make your organisation agile
1. Start with an agile transformation

Companies know they have to change and adapt to keep their edge. Right now, an agile transformation is the best option to do that. In terms of culture, management, technology and execution.

Tobania helps you rebuild your business from the ground up using a flexible and tailored plan. It is a continuous improvement process that benefits your entire organisation. We create a better everyday workplace and an open environment that supports collaboration. And meanwhile, we provide answers to business needs ranging from improved customer/end-user satisfaction, on-time product delivery, increased productivity or increased cost control.


2. Reboot agile when you get stuck


You have recently or in the past gone through an extensive agile transformation programme. Today you look back and are confronted with the fact that your organisation and teams are perhaps still not as efficient as you had hoped.


Most agile transformations focus only on implementing roles, artefacts and ceremonies. But a transformation is a change story. Simply put: you can't just ask people to change their behaviour without providing context and making them understand why.

Transformations are often disruptive and have something of a revolutionary quality. So it can scare your employees. What we have learned from successful Agile transformations? Well, your culture is fundamental as it will lead to team empowerment, breaking down silos and a new kind of leadership. Agile transformations are often referred to as a journey and this will bring satisfaction to people because: "travelling is better than arriving". We believe in a people-centred, pragmatic and results-oriented approach.

Our Agile Reboot programme offers organisations a structured way to improve and evolve towards a more mature and sustainable version of themselves. A pragmatic approach, concrete results, clear governance, extensive expertise, experience in every aspect of the scope and a strong focus on continuous improvement and change management are the key features of Tobania's offering.

3. Choose OHANA for full enterprise agility

Ohana provides the pathways you need to evolve into a more mature and sustainable version of yourself.

Ohana extends throughout your organisation and is not limited to an IT department. It expands on a few basics that are easy to start with, whether you are part of the Operations, Sales, Procurement, HR or Legal department. These basics are built around 3 principles:

  • Start with KANBAN to get people involved in their own process;
  • Create VISUAL MANAGEMENT of the work people are doing;
  • EMPOWER the people in the team and coach them to become self-organising.
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Thibault Fabry

Thibault Fabry

Business Development Manager .Data

+32 475 80 48 93