Become data-driven

Data, you say?

Data is omnipresent – both inside and outside your organisation. Perhaps you have already noticed that increasingly more companies are proving the added value of data. By doing so, they optimise their business processes, increase their profitability, and strengthen their market position. It’s only natural that you don’t want to fall behind.

Tobania will help you on your way and work with you to find the best ways to benefit from data. Together we discover its value and plan the necessary actions to move towards a data-driven business.

Start with a data-driven (digital) roadmap

Well begun is half done. From idea to concept, from business problem to solution, from process inefficiency to optimisation: together, we define the key actions needed to roll out your data strategy in terms of data assets, technologies, algorithms, skills, practices, culture, leadership, and organisation.


The ultimate result? A future-proof, robust and easy-to-understand roadmap that will impact and involve all your people, processes and technology. Ready to design your data-driven future? Let's go! 

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Keep it safe with data management

Data management is the secure and reliable data management of all the systems and applications you use. Content and document management can therefore also be considered a form of data management. Does it involve large amounts of data? Both structured and unstructured? Then we are talking about Big Data.

Are you curious about topics that fall under data management? Think about enterprise data management, master data management, data quality, data security, data governance, data migration, data warehouses, and data storage.


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Thinking ahead with data analytics

If you have reliable data, you can analyse it and then draw conclusions. You can then use these conclusions to make appropriate decisions. Data gives you answers to questions about return on investment, an insight into sales processes, and an explanation of your profit and loss figures.

Data can also help you optimise your logistics and seize commercial opportunities. This is where data analytics comes into play. Some related terms you may have heard of are: data science, data visualisation, reporting software, dashboards, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence.

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Working in a data-driven manner

Do you base your decisions on knowledge and insights gained from digital data analysis? If so, you are a data-driven organisation.

But what if you are not? Then our message is: let’s go! It doesn’t matter how big your organisation is. That’s because every company can benefit from meaningful data use. With a vision of the future in which data and your digital transformation play an important role, you simply cannot ignore data developments. If you delay in getting started, this will only lead to bigger and maybe insurmountable delays compared with organisations that have seen the light of data for some time.


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Data science as an umbrella

There are many data terms. That’s a fact. They often mean the same thing or overlap with other concepts. Data science is one of them. It encompasses the entire scientific field that focuses on deriving knowledge and insights from data.

Systems and methods are developed based on knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Data analytics, business intelligence, business analytics, and machine learning can therefore all be seen as practical applications of techniques and methods that have emerged from data science. We see machine learning as a tool for artificial intelligence (AI).


How can Tobania help?

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Custom Software Development

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Digital Strategy definition and Roadmapping

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Data Strategy

We help organizations with unlocking the true value of their data.

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Data Foundations

Unite your processes, platforms, people and products with data as your central ingredient.

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Information Management

Ensure your data is properly stored, documented, updated and inventoried.

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Data Usage

Value creation through analysis and intelligent algorithms

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