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The information technology industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. The application possibilities are huge, which means that expanding is the way to go. Do you want to have a thorough understanding of the most important components of this industry? We will show you why this is such a revolutionary tool.

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Eager to know more?

Then definitely get in touch with Tobian Nicolas. He will be happy to schedule a first (virtual) meeting to discuss all your possibilities.
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Sebastiaan Van Gucht

Business Unit Director .Quality & .Support

+32 476 39 03 38
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The rise of cloud computing

What has been the biggest development over the last year? It is, without a doubt, cloud computing. You realize that it is becoming increasingly important for your company to have a space in which to collect all its digital information. A safe storage space is no longer a superfluous luxury—it has become a basic necessity. This means that cloud computing is your go-to solution if you want to improve your work in the digital sphere.

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Mobile applications are a <must-have>

The popularity of mobile applications has only increased over the last few years. And this year, they're surfacing in bigger and better ways. Brands and industries around the world are trying to find ways to use these apps to make their work better and more efficient.

What about a Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) as an accelerator?

Fluctuating market conditions force you to regularly adjust and change your software landscape. Thanks to the rapid app development and automation software of RAD, you will always be ahead of the game. So choose development models that are efficient and flexible from the design stage onwards.

data analytics
Big Data Analytics

Almost every industry that implements large scale production processes relies on Data Analytics.

Big Data Analytics enables you, as a brand, to process information in a safe and better way. In addition, you will gain more insights into the areas in which you want to develop further as a company.


Automation will also continue to grow in the coming years. Thanks to automation you can develop your processes faster and achieve your goals in a much more efficient way. Allowing you to win back some time.

Artificial Intelligence
AI is coming

Automation is increasing rapidly, and artificial intelligence is following behind closely. For example, AI appeared in various new forms of media in the past year. Now, as an industry, you are looking at ways in which you can further grow that artificial intelligence. Will you implement it on a large scale?

Blockchain Data

In 2017 and 2018, it seemed as if cryptocurrency had hit an all time high. However, this is still room for this phenomenon to grow. For example, blockchain technology is only now beginning to gain popularity in many industries.

Predictive Analytics                - a valuable friend

Predictive Analytics allows you to easily analyse large volumes of data. But why would you want to do that? To draw conclusions about the possible outcomes of certain situations. This helps you know which direction to go. Market analysts see this as an incredibly valuable tool.

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The cloud as a new destination

Cloud Computing is on the rise. This solution is therefore incredibly beneficial if you want to go in a digital direction and keep better track of your digital data. For example, more than 74% of CFOs state that Cloud Computing has been one of the most beneficial tools for their company's growth.

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The emergence of Data Officers

As information technology is steadily on the rise, the importance of Data Officers is growing The number of open positions in your sector is large and only continues to grow.

noun_open source_1291863
DIY with "open-source"

Open source programmes give your users access to important files in a particular program, allowing them to modify it with ease. Now that more and more users are technologically savvy, letting them work with these applications proves to be immensely beneficial.

Chatbots - a loyal friend for your customers

Chatbots are also on the rise. And no, they are not the bad guys. They have consistently improved customer services, for example. After all, they are designed to help your customers with basic functions and questions. Do they completely replace a human employee? They are still very much in the development stage, so no, they don't.

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