Attract top talent in <no time>.

Do you want to remain a step ahead of the pace of the market? This can be done through innovation.
By the way: did you know that innovative companies are rewarded much faster for their forward-thinking approach? This allows them to attract top talent in no time. And consumer demand is rapidly increasing.

Keep ahead of potential disruption

As a company, it is best to anticipate changing consumer needs in order to be able to make strategic changes. These changes may include building a <start-up based> solution, buying the product or service from others, or partnering with new entrants (“buy, build, partner” model).


Reduced costs and increased efficiency

How do you need to innovate? Dispense with costly and time-consuming business processes and choose a sustainable way of working. They save you time, make it easy for you to adapt to changes in the industry, and protect you from volatility and risk.

In-house talent

Need another reason to innovate? Here’s one you can’t ignore: more than ever, employees, especially millennials and Generation Z employees, want to work for mission-driven, fast-moving companies they believe have a bright future. Go for it, and radiate your groundbreaking side!


Everything revolves around perception

Consumers are attracted to innovative and socially responsible companies. So be sure to be innovative online. Unsure of where to start? Our Tobians will help you set up your digital marketing, website, and apps. In this way, you carry your corporate value to the outside world.

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Digital transformation

We are currently going through the most intense digitalisation period in history. The scale of remote working and the increased reliance on the Internet are just a few examples of what lies ahead.


Do you want your organisation to remain relevant and competitive in this rapidly changing tech-centric economy? Then you’ll undoubtedly want to translate your digital transformation strategies into practice as quickly as possible. We can support you along the way.


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Respond to the “new normal” with Service Design

How do you deal with new customer expectations driven by the <new> digital normal? With the help of Service Design and Human-Centred Design, you can create experiences at the point where reason and emotion intersect.

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AI, your customer’s new friend

The power of artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be overestimated. Are you not working with it yet? Then you will be soon. A rough estimate: by 2020, 95% of all customer interactions will be carried out using AI. In terms of business innovation, AI is a fantastic phenomenon.

What do you think about incorporating AI into your sales process? AI can strengthen your pitch by detecting your customer’s emotions and responding to them appropriately.

How can Tobania help?

Teaser Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

100% made to measure.

Teaser Helpdesk & Customer support

Helpdesk and Customer Support

At your service: customer satisfaction.

Teaser Digital Strategy definition & Roadmapping

Digital Strategy definition and Roadmapping

From strategy to actionable roadmap.

Teaser Analysis & Design

Analysis and Design

Optimise/create a product, process or department validated by the targeted user.

Teaser Test Automation

Test Automation

Enabling fast and continuous delivery.

Teaser Managed Workplace

Managed Workplace

We take care of your workplace infrastructure and applications.

Teaser Data Strategy

Data Strategy

We help organizations with unlocking the true value of their data.

Teaser Web Development

Web Development

How is your web development going?

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