Hop on the speeding train

What comes to mind when you think of the coronavirus crisis? With us, it is “speed”. After all, the virus struck quickly. And companies had to respond quickly. They reorganised supply chains, launched full-time telecommuting, and accelerated their decision-making in no time.

Do you want your company to be resilient in the long run? Then you need to maintain the speed you were able to unleash during the pandemic. To achieve this, you need to take into account not only potential capacity pressures but also the mental health of your colleagues. How are they coping?

In short, do you want to speed up?
Then ask yourself the following five questions:

noun_customer journey map_229089
What does your customer journey look like?

Your customer journey ensures that you can offer the perfect customer experience online and thus increase your conversion rate. Have you strategically mapped out your customer journey? And have you prepared your digital roadmap? Then the real work begins.

Digital marketing can make it easier for your prospects and customers to discover your e-commerce activities. The protagonists of this story? UI and UX. And don’t forget your customer support colleagues to deal with any questions.


Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) as an accelerator
Fluctuating market conditions force you to regularly adjust and change your software landscape. Thanks to the rapid app development and the RAD automation software, you will always be ahead of the game. You know why? Because Rapid Application Delivery emphasises rapid prototyping rather than meticulous planning. That way, you will experience more efficient development processes which reduce both the time and expense of your development cycle. 
So, choose development models that are efficient and flexible from the design stage onwards. 


What about your testing process?
Digital trust requires continuous testing. Our Test Ninjas will help you ensure that your web and mobile applications function and perform exactly as they should. And this in every operating system and on every device – every time.
By implementing their first-time-right approach and by using their curious, critical, open, team and customer-oriented mindset, they always build the best possible technology for you and your end-users. So, what do you think? Can we show you our Ninja moves?

noun_digital economy_2664870 kopie
Is a digital workplace the new black?

Today’s rapidly changing world is forcing you to switch to working remotely at lightning speed. Although your work migration has gone quickly and well, you may be worried about some pitfalls. What about constantly changing technologies and your business productivity?

But one thing is certain. In order to be successful in the long term, you need a structured approach. And that is precisely where Tobania can help. We provide complete ICT workplace management services for your business – both in out-sourcing and co-sourcing models.


Business Agility is <key>. So how do you adapt?

Business Agility refers to your ability and willingness to adapt and leverage change for the benefit of your customers. Its goal is to make your company an organisation that adapts, anticipates, and responds to change in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) environments. Internal and external customer satisfaction, as well as the continuous improvement of your entire system (organisation, team, individuals, products, and services), are at the heart of Business Agility.

How can Tobania help?

Teaser Agility


Time to market and quality have never been so critical.

Teaser Human Centered Transformation

Human Centered Transformation

Each journey requires planning, organisation and steering.

Teaser IT Consultancy and Advisory

IT Consultancy and Advisory

Independent Quality Assurance.

Teaser DevOps Solutions

DevOps Solutions

Bringing people, processes & technology together.

Teaser QA in Agile & DevOps

QA in Agile and DevOps

A faster delivery-to-market is essential.

Teaser Helpdesk & Customer support

Helpdesk and Customer Support

At your service: customer satisfaction.

Teaser Analysis & Design

Analysis and Design

Optimise/create a product, process or department validated by the targeted user.

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