Risk Mitigation & Business Continuity

In good times and bad

The coronavirus crisis has made it clear that all organisations are vulnerable to disruption and turbulence. And when we say “all”, we really do mean all organisations: whether local or universal or public or private. That means that you too can be faced with securing revenues, growth plans, and strategies.

Or perhaps you have already experienced it? Maintaining the continuity of your products and services was probably no main feature. Minimising the impact of incidents requires a clear understanding of critical processes, a strong operational resilience framework, and well-practised continuity plans.

To help you cope with this, our Tobians provide well-founded processes and workflows.

service design
Respond to the “new normal” with Service Design

How do you deal with new customer expectations driven by the <new> digital normal? With the help of Service Design and Human-Centred Design, you can create experiences at the point where reason and emotion intersect.

noun_computer science_2475084 (1)
Digitalisation is the key to treating your customers like royalty.

Digital transformation goes far beyond automating your existing processes. This also entails the implementation of new technologies. These newbies make it possible to work more cost-efficiently and to put your customer at the centre of all processes – like true royalty. Below is a brief overview of the latest trends and tools.

noun_Cloud_2785626 kopie-1
With your head in the <cloud>

As your wingman, we’d love to build your hybrid cloud strategy in order to help you drive cost-efficiency, increase productivity, and boost innovation opportunities. Together with your IT team, you need architectural flexibility and exponential technologies (such as AI) in order to modernise your apps and generate a better ROI. We advise, create, and support this on a customised basis.

Engage in online dialogue with a 24/7 support office

Your customers expect a 24/7 service. If not, they will navigate to the competitor with a single click. But dealing with different people and trying to meet their expectations is no easy task. It takes patience, a sharp mind and tremendous adaptability in order to navigate through the different moods of your customers while still providing a professional service. We will help you on your way.

Testing, testing, and more testing

Digital trust requires continuous testing. Our “Test Ninjas” ensure that your web and mobile apps function and perform exactly as they should. And this in every operating system and on every device – every time.

noun_Data Mining_2475096
Spot trends with BI

Do you want to make the right operational and strategic decisions? Business Intelligence (BI) can help you along the way. Thanks to data mining and data warehousing, you have all the knowledge you need in a single system. This makes it easy to make connections, spot trends, and closely follow developments. The days when BI solutions were large and expensive are long gone. Even a smaller organisation can now easily get started with it.

How can Tobania help?

Teaser Agility


Time to market and quality have never been so critical.

Teaser Application Management

Application Management

Focus on your business.

Teaser Cloud Infrastructure Development

Cloud Architecture Development

Driving IT agility and new opportunities.

Teaser Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Slow & crashing applications are not accepted.

Teaser QA in Agile & DevOps

QA in Agile and DevOps

A faster delivery-to-market is essential.

Teaser Helpdesk & Customer support

Helpdesk and Customer Support

At your service: customer satisfaction.

Teaser Test Automation

Test Automation

Enabling fast and continuous delivery.

Teaser Managed Workplace

Managed Workplace

We take care of your workplace infrastructure and applications.

Teaser Information Management

Information Management

Ensure your data is properly stored, documented, updated and inventoried.

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