Boost your organisational productivity on a day-to-day basis

Excellent administrative management

Our trilingual file managers support all your administrative processes such as new contracts and bulk documents. Not to mention the fact that some of our Tobians are specialised in fraud monitoring and KYC as well.

Customer experience is king

The quality of your delivered services means everything to your end customers. That’s why we recommend to pay loads of attention to customer satisfaction surveys. They provide relevant feedback on your services rendered, result in actions to improve your existing solutions and sustain the quality of our services along the duration of your contract. Did you know we can design such a survey or facilitate one by mailing a customer satisfaction template at each ticket closing?

Innovation is key

As they always put digital first, innovation is the first thing on our Tobians’ minds when they take a closer look at your current internal processes, working methods and tools. Can you blame them? They’re just so delighted when they can add chatbots and innovative solutions to your working environment!

We take care of your aftercare.

Maxime Guilliams

Hanneke Verschaeve

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