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Optimal use of “Parasoft Virtualize” @Proximus

Tobania.Testing supports Proximus in the domain of Service Virtualisation for five years now. Together, we ensure that the tests of integration between the Proximus applications can be carried out automatically. But the story doesn’t end here…

Our goal? An optimal experience! 

We increasingly focus on Continuous Testing. This means that testing is embedded within the development process instead of just being tackled in the end. In this early stage, the backend has not always been developed just yet. Parasoft Virtualize is a tool that simulates these dependencies.  

This tool makes it possible to test applications integration at an early stage. In this way, errors are exposed much earlier and that has some great advantages:   

  • Save time: By Continuous testing, you can detect bugs early in the development process to prevent potential problems at a later stage. The later the error is found, the more time it takes to correct it. This is essential to fast delivery.  
  • Pay less: the later you detect an error, the more expensive it is to fix it.  
  • Increase quality: By simulating specific responses, more edge cases can be tested, and the test coverage will increase. 


Optimal use of Parasoft Virtualize 

Proximus had purchased the Parasoft Virtualize solution. A smart investment, because the tool offers a lot of possibilities. Especially if you are an expert in its use. Tobania was therefore chosen to implement the tool and to roll out the usage in the development teams. 


No better investment than knowledge 

In the first phase, we worked very closely with Parasoft's experts. This allowed us to exchange best practices and refine our knowledge down to the last detail. During the next step, we also shared this knowledge with the Proximus employees, so that the collaboration could run smoothly. That's also our big advantage: transparency! We share our knowledge, because only together you can reach your goal!  

Today, Tobania is still part of this team. We are proud that we can make a difference every day by supporting Proximus in their pursuit of quality. It makes life a little easier for their employees and their customers every day.  

How can we help you?

Are you looking for a multifunctional partner who thinks along with you to optimise value creation? Tobania offers solutions that create efficiency and deliver value by automating testing procedures and creating fictitious testing data on different environments. We are happy to look at your goals together and to sit down with you to develop a satisfying strategy! 👇🏻 

Sebastiaan Van Gucht  
Business Unit Director | Tobania.Testing 

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