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"With cloud, the price of innovation has changed."

Working in a cloud environment offers various advantages, but also involves risks. An excellent architecture and security strategy are indispensable. Hendrik Albrecht, Business Unit Director at Tobania.Cloud, tells you more about this cost-saving evolution. 

 "Organisations are increasingly being pushed to offer a better service and to build a closer relationship with their customers. This requires innovation, efficiency and effectiveness. However, this is at odds with the heavy investments that are often already made in the own IT infrastructure. After all, it takes up a lot of time, effort and budget, as everything has to be developed and managed in-house.

Thanks to the cloud, all these investments can be avoided and organisations can refocus on their core activities. Most cloud providers offer Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) components that organisations can use and bring together into one application. This allows them to adapt more flexibly to new needs and opportunities.”

Build-up gradually

"The migration of applications to the cloud doesn't happen overnight. There are transition scenarios. For a certain period of time, you will be working in a hybrid environment with a combination of applications that are still running on your own infrastructure and other applications that have already been transferred to the cloud.

Everything starts with a good understanding of what is happening in these different environments. But most of all, you need a partner who can adapt to your 'cloud maturity' in order to build everything gradually, including the associated security measures. At a later stage, you can even start using multiple cloud environments. This way, you are not dependent on one provider. In addition, you can potentially gain efficiency by playing these off against each other commercially. But in order to do this, your applications need to be easy to move."

Discover all aspects 

"In our Cloud Centre of Excellence people can discover the cloud. We have, for example, a discovery programme in which we explain the various opportunities in the field of the cloud from multiple points of view. It's about the technical aspect, cost control, but also the motivating effect on our own people because they can work with the latest technology. In addition, there are the many business opportunities. After all, the cloud has drastically lowered the price of innovation."

Text: Joris Hendrickx
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