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Little Talk 2: good quality health care myth or reality?

Recently, health economist Lieven Annemans called for the return of our common sense. "The way in which we deal with the coronavirus should not become a tasteless show," he said. "Everyone has the right to work, education, culture, relaxation, human contact and good health care.” But what exactly is good health care? According to Annemans, it’s accessible and affordable.

Linear savings are being made by the Belgian government because we consume health care in very large volumes. Unfortunately, these savings often hit the wrong target, like hospitals for example. These stakeholders are constantly understaffed because their hiring budget is way too low. The result of this? They send patients home too quickly. It’s sad and confusing at the same time, because far too many useless CT scans and other examinations are still carried out.

The socio-economic gap is widening. That’s why Lieven Annemans argues in favour of more acceptable income differences. People on low incomes are much more at risk of obesity, heart disease, addiction and depression. Poverty literally makes sick.
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