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Mobile Testing

Everyone has a smartphone and most people use it more often than their computer these days. So, it is essential that your apps and mobile websites are user-friendly and free from bugs. In this training you will learn the specifics of testing for mobile applications. We also teach you to automate your tests.

Most people use their smartphone to gather information, order online,… Companies need to develop suitable apps and also ensure that their website is mobile friendly and free from bugs. In this training we will cover the difference between testing traditional applications and mobile apps. You will be able to automate tests using Appium.

This training is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to test mobile apps and automate these tests. For the automation part of this training, a basic understanding of Java is required.

In this training, you will gather insights on the specific quality aspects of mobile testing. Afterwards, you will be able to automate tests for mobile applications using Appium.

€1250 (VAT excl)

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