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Febelfin Academy

Fast Forward for Febelfin Academy

A learning platform as it should be
Today, the financial sector is fully committed to innovation and digital transformation. Febelfin Academy, the training centre of the federation of banks and insurers in Belgium, also plays a pioneering role in this process. Together with Tobania, they choose to realise an entire new LMS-platform. Ease-of-use and interactivity were essential. The delivery period was limited.

Our approach
The existing platform was replaced by a custom- build Learning Management System (LMS). Because of the limited delivery period, the pressure was high. Techniques such as Agile and Scrum were the way to go. Regular meetings and short sprints gave us the chance to work from realisation to realisation. Kanban signs were a great help to support this fast process. Inefficiency was not an option and was tackled by constant interaction. Communication was clearly key in this assignment, since several external parties (public website, accounting programme, etc.) needed to be migrated in the LMS as well.

A threefold solution
Our solution comprehends a custom LMS that’s split into 3 technological environments:

1. IDP Identity Provider
This provider includes all the login details. Every communication travels through the IDP and is authorised by it.
2. LMS Platform
This platform contains the ‘working’ data of the application. The different courses and trajectories are configured here. The platform data can be edited and viewed in each of the management boards.
3. QA Platform
This environment makes taking tests and exams possible. It differs from the LMS Platform to avoid interruptions. This setup also makes it possible to scale each environment individually to, for example, process different amounts of users.

A technical note
We decided that it would benefit the flexibility and stability of the application if we hosted it in the Cloud. Azure Web Services were an evident choice. The code itself is written in C# for the backend. For the front end, Angular gave the application a modern look-and- feel. The data is captured in an Azure Sql Server while physical data is captured in the Azure storage. These layers communicate by the use of web APIs.

Febelfin Academy already used an accounting platform and a website, which also needed to be integrated. Data exchanges between these platforms are using Azure Service Bus as a message broker. The biggest win is that data does not get lost if one of the systems is down. The data simply gets queued on the bus and picked up when the system is available again.

Challenge completed
At the end of the assignment, all data was successfully migrated to the new platform. During the process, the team took user-friendliness for the employees into account. Also, the transferred data was sensitive, so security was highly valued. It’s always a pleasure to complete a challenge and to be praised for your dedication. Mission accomplished!

What can Tobania do for you?
In Tobania, you’ll find a like-minded partner who can renew all your existing platforms. Make your organisation ready for the future by tackling challenges efficiently. Our more than 1000 experts are happy to help you achieve your objectives.

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