The road to customer advocacy


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Improve your sales project

Do you have a clear view on the sales funnel? Is your marketing & sales department aligned? Do you generate sufficient qualified leads for your sales? Given the complex environment we are working in, it’s crucial for a sales department to have an optimised sales process. So if these questions are still challenges for you it’s time to have a look at them!

Our sales solutions

Lead Conversion

When it comes to following-up B2B sales leads, it pays to plan. You might get lucky with a few well-timed follow-up calls, but to make the best use of your sales resource, you need to make clear choices. By understanding how and when to follow-up a sales lead, as well as identify the best opportunities first, you will improve your conversion rates and get a better understanding of your sales pipeline.

Account Management

Customers more than ever expect much more than a regular sales. They expect you to know what they are doing, which goals they want to achieve & how you can help them with achieving them. In sales terminology this means having the role, processes & solutions with regards to account management embedded into your organisation. When all 3 parameters are not implemented it will be hard to keep up with the high demands of your customers.

Our approach

  • Strategy: Define or translate organisational objectives into a marketing & sales strategy.

  • Customer processes: Optimise your customer touchpoints through a customer journey mapping exercise.

  • Business processes: Define or improve your internal processes through business blueprinting & business process management.

  • Solutions: Optimise your ICT landscape by implementing state of the art solutions (in the cloud or on-premise).

  • Execution: Increase your business execution capacity, your (customer) technical support or your application maintenance service.