Content personalization without difficulty: do's & don'ts

The (digital) flow of information is continuing to increase, whilst we constantly find ourselves with less time to process it all.

Do you want to continue to fascinate your customers, partners and prospects? Then content personalisation is the only way to go. Discover exactly what it means and what you are best off doing and not doing.

Content personalisation: be relevant at all times

These days a personal approach is the only way you are going to turn your e-commerce and online marketing into a success story. (Potential) customers want information which perfectly links into their needs from the current oversupply of online content – and not just on your website, but also in your newsletters and social media channels. In short: it’s important to reach your target audience at just the right time, with the right content and on the right channel.

Tailor your content to the customer journey

Reaching your target audience with the right content may sound logical and relatively simple. However, if you really want your content to be effective, then a sophisticated content strategy is absolutely essential, as are the right professional tools. The starting point: the customer journey. This is the route your prospect will be taking from being introduced to your product to making a purchase. If you want to efficiently react to every phase of this journey, you will constantly need to come up with different content. Think about inspiring content at the start of the journey and action-focussed content to complete the journey.

Don’t do it manually

Do you think you can save on costs by manually planning in and distributing all of the above? This may well seem like a noble plan, but you will soon realise you’re achieving very little and that you’re absolutely drowning in work after just a few weeks. As we touched on previously, it’s always best to use a professional tool, which will automatically link the right content to the right phase in the customer journey. This type of extensive content personalisation will allow you to reach your prospects with the exact information they were looking for. It should certainly come as no surprise that the click-through rate will subsequently be much higher, just like the value of your leads.

And now? You can now start concentrating on your core tasks again. After all, the automatic content personalisation means everything will be organised for you. This is how Kentico CMS, e-commerce and online marketing can be combined in one user-friendly platform.