New collaboration platform for big bank KBC


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Tobania creates new collaboration platform for 16.000 KBC employees

KBC’s previous platform was outdated, expensive for maintaining and no longer with the needs of the bank. Therefor the bank called upon Tobania to renew the software.

Profiel Geert Vandezande“We knew Tobania has the knowledge and expertise about online collaboration environments”, explains Geert Vandezande, Program Manager at KBC. “Their specific focus on how to engage Office 365 for building a new way of working and how a maximum level of user adoption could be reached, were crucial aspects in our decision making process about choosing the right partner.”

The new Office 365 platform offers KBC numerous advantages. From now on all the information is centralized in one single environment. Employees are able to add and share new data across different departments within the bank. “The online platform will evolve with the market without a constant need to upgrade”, says Vandezande. “Moreover, it will be cost saving as we are freed from the digital labyrinth we were working with before.”

No less than 16,000 employees will make use of the online environment, of which 15,000 work in Belgium. “Together with Tobania we made sure everyone was well prepared and trained so we could start using Office 365 immediately,” continues Vandezande.

When it comes to future implementations, the bank is focusing on adding new functionalities such as Yammer, Delve, Video and mobile. Vandezande elaborates: “We trust on Tobania as our partner to expand the online platform with the same attention for user adoption. The added value and the user friendliness for our employees are key. Tobania understands and supports us in this.”

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