Technology evolves in unknown speeds. Speeds that made it impossible to be aware of all the digital potential value for your organisation. Our mission at Tobania is to make organisations more successful through the value of digital technologies. So we created Update.


1. Empower your talents

Let your talented people discover new technologies & trends which they can refelect on their daily tasks and processes. It will give them direct or indirect insights to improve their jobs. 

2. Strengthen your organisation

Select talented employees from different units so that they acknowledge the unsuspected constraints from each other and which allows them to find a smart work around. Sharing is caring! 

3. Enrich your Business

Giving your people one extra day of space and time to embrace these new insights enables them to discover new value propositions that enrich your business. You will gain time or quality!


Each update has 9 to max. 12 participants. You select a key enabler or new value proposition your company would like to ‘update’ and we will take it through a bath of inspiration from different disruptive technologies. We will select 2 experts at your request who will give an expert talk with Q&A to inspire your talents so they can start with a big bag of ideas!


The program

An Update only takes your team a day.
08h30: Expert Talks
11h00: Team Foundation
13h00: Expert Guided Ideation Fast-Tracks
15h00: Proposition Prototyping
16h00: Business Design
17h30: Pitching


The first 30 Update programs will be sold at €3500 instead of €5000. You still can subscribe for the first 30 ones. An Update is organised at your own company's facilities and starts & ends at regular business hours.

Want an Update?

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