Test Data Management

Self-servicing your virtual data within minutes, masked and on-demand. Sounds like sci-fi? Not at Tobania through its unique partnership with Delphix.

  • Test data is slowing down your development
  • Test environments are complex and slow to set up
  • GDPR legislation is coming
  • You are planning a cloud migration

Thanks to Delphix’ platform data is:
  • Fast: Provision data securely and in the required environments in minutes instead of hours, days, or months to enable IT transformation.
  • Secure: Secure sensitive data in adherence with security policies and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Everywhere: Move and manage data from any environment – on-premises, cloud, or in hybrid environments, and seamlessly provision data where required.
Team member can now have self-service access to test data and that is fully capable of GPPR compliancy by masking and protecting sensitive data.

Our Solutions

Proof of Concepts
  • Investigate the ROI of the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform in your company
  • Prove the technical fit of Delphix with your company’s technical landscape
  • Assist in the implementation of Delphix within your organisation