Service Virtualization

Virtualize your interfaces or API’s so that you are free to test your application under test when, where and how you want to. No more cross team dependencies or environment downtimes!

  • Unavailable local applications or external 3rd party applications (e.g. pay per hit, …)
  • Complex and difficult cross-team interdependencies
  • Testing can only start (too) late in the development process

  • Test earlier, detect (integration) defects quicker
  • Maximize testing time
  • Test environment cost reduction
  • Earlier performance testing

Our Solutions

Proof of Concepts
  • Investigate the feasibility of service virtualization in your test environment
  • Advise you on the service virtualization tool of choice
  • Calculate the return on investment

Tool Support

Assist you with the set-up and implementation of a service virtualisation tool. Tobania has the rights skills and partnerships with Service Vitualization tools: 
  • Parasoft Virtualize
  • CA DevTest
  • Microfocus Service Virtualisation