Quality Assurance

Want to prevent defects from ever happening? Learn how to review or prototype? Our quality assurance vision focuses on how to prevent defects in Agile and DevOps development methods.

  • New to working in Agile or DevOps
  • Too many defects found too late in the process
  • Miscommunication is often a big cause of defects

  • Test earlier, test more effectively
  • Testing is possible, even without code being executed
  • Communication is key to project success
  • Shift left & first time right

  • Solution Architect
  • Agile Testing Specialist

Our Solutions

Agile Assessment

  • Assessment of the AS-IS situation
  • Formulate agile testing improvements & quick wins
  • Construct an improvement roadmap
  • Coaching of agile team

Review, API Contracts, Prototypes & Quality Gates

Assist you with all different kinds of static testing services!