Performance Testing

Sooooooo slooooooow! Fact: applications that take more than 3 seconds to react get abandoned by their users. Don’t become a statistic. Test your performance, even under great stress…

  • Slow, unresponsive applications
  • Periods of peak usage during the application lifecycle
  • Planned increases of system usage

  • Detect and resolve performance issues before go-live
  • Know the boundaries of your system
  • Get insight in the scalability of your back end

Our Solutions

Performance Testing as a Service
  • Intake of how to test the performance of your applications
  • Execute performance tests
  • Analysis of performance testing results

Tool Support
Assist you with the selection of a performance tool. Tobania has the rights skills and partnerships with open source and commercial performance testing tools:
  • JMeter
  • Blazemeter
  • Performance Center
  • Neoload

….and many more!