API Testing

Want to perform tests earlier and more robust than ever before? API Testing is just the thing for you! XML, SOAP, REST or JSON, there’s no acronym that we can’t handle.

  • No stable GUI
  • SOA architecture
  • Different release trains for front-end and back-end

  • Test earlier, test more effectively
  • Testing is possible before there is a stable GUI
  • Less dependencies between front- and back-end teams
  • Solution Architect
  • Test Automation Specialist

Our Solutions

Proof of Concepts
  • Investigate the feasibility of automating your API test sets
  • Advise you on the automation tool of choice
  • Identify automation goals and calculate the return of investment

Tool Support
Assist you with the set-up, implementation and/or selection of a test automation tool. Tobania has the rights skills in many API test automation tools:
  • Postman
  • Microfocus UFT (Service Tester)
….and many more!

Reusable Automation Frameworks

Set-up, advice, build and maintain your back-end test automation framework