Banking Support (Staffing, Services)

We are highly experienced and the preferred partner for financial institutes on several support services such as functional support, administrative support, fraud monitoring and virtual banking. Discover more about what we can do for you.

Virtual Banking Agency

Due to the digitalization, banks are forced to adopt digital banking. We are supporting financial institutions with the set-up and the staffing of commercial financial profiles. Our consultants design the future of banking, give advice about banking products and provide commercial activities. We support banks with the staffing of remote financial advisors.

Functional Support

We have motivated high potentials, with bachelor and master degrees, that support the B2C and B2B customers of financial institutions with their problems and questions in several domains. This can be e-banking support on banking application as well as giving support to clients with their questions regarding insurance claims.

Administrative Support

Our highly motivated consultants are trained to help and steer the migration process between applications or processes. Our consultants take on the administration (backlog) of your department. We strive to enhance these processes in a way that it’s more efficient for the customer, with a strong focus on quality and punctuality. This enables customers to focus on their core business.

Fraud Monitoring

Our consultants monitor algorithms that are built to highlight possible fraudulent transactions. They are responsible for the follow up with the client and taking the necessary steps to ensure no unwanted payments are confirmed. In case of mass fishing attacks or cyber-attacks to the company, they will take immediate action. They are also responsible for the sensitization of employees and raise awareness for the danger of cyber-attacks.

Why choose for Tobania?

  • We do more work with less people

  • High Potentials

  • Follow-up / Guidance of the consultants

  • Certified Engineers (ITIL, Cauwenberghs, Willems) based on the workplace environment.

  • Less onboarding time

  • Leader in Banking Services

  • Felixble

Working at Tobania?

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