The right profiles at the right moment

In many companies, a digital transformation is currently underway or the digital turnaround has already taken place. The demand for specific ICT profiles has never been so high. And that won't be changing any time soon; availability on the labour market is limited and the 'war for talent' is in full swing. But there's no need to despair. As a specialised IT staffing partner, Tobania can provide your team with a rapid and durable quality boost. Find out how we work.

Customised sourcing

Personnel requirements vary from business to business and from moment to moment. Tobania therefore chooses to create a customised staffing solution. Whether you are seeking one specific profile or an entire project team, we can provide the right people at the right place.
  • Our staffing advisers have a great deal of experience and a broad network. This offers plenty of scale-based advantages. Need to recruit various profiles in a limited time-frame? No problem for Tobania. From business analysts to programmers; we will find them for you.
  • Freelancers, temporary or permanent employees... At Tobania we understand that flexibility is the priority. You can count on us for an approach that suits your specific needs.
  • Thanks to our in-house expertise, we are more than capable of finding the right profiles. This will provide a breath of fresh air for your team.

Meticulous training

At Tobania, we don't leave our consultants to their own devices. We guarantee regular monitoring and the necessary training so that every profile is fully prepared for the next task. And it doesn't stop there. We also take your feedback into account and make adjustments on this basis.
The consultants are also part of Tobania's own competence centre, in which knowledge-sharing is the best guarantee of thorough expertise and self-development.

IT sourcing: it's in our blood

IT sourcing is in our blood. Today, we offer an exceptionally broad range of services but the search for the right IT profiles has always been a key element of our business. With a database of around 20,000 candidates, we can find the right match in the blink of an eye.