Enterprise-level security in a fixed montlhy price

100% OPEX based services

Full security (hardware, software, licenses, managed services) for a fixed competitive budget a month, that’s what the OPEX (Operational Expenditure) offering is all about. By using this model, our clients are no longer obligated to reduce or to delay their security investments because of insufficient CAPEX budget.

With this OPEX offering, we deliver regular innovation, top-notch technology and complete security for our clients, without them being stuck with old materials.

Security Operations Center

As Tobania, we can also intercept and monitor in the offload and handling of threats, generated by supported technology. In this case, Tobania uses the excisting central IBM Qradar or the Security Operantions Center's Exabeam UEBA SIEM to correlate and handle the treats following the predetermined security incident handling processes. All our products can be offered in a full, 24x7, monitored and managed service.

Tobania Guard Service

Tobania offers the BTS Guard Service, as an extension on the Servicedesk, to guarantee a 24x7 availability with an answering-time of 4hours. This BTS Guard Service will be delivered from the BTS-engineer-pool, where every engineer stands for the same, uniforme knowledge and client experience.