Cyber Defence Program

A good Cyber Defence Strategy falls or stands with making the right decisions, good investments and risc-management. That's why Tobania wants to be a partner for their clients. Together we're willing to determine the right security strategie. Identifieng the right security needs, keeping in mind the budget of the cleints. Hereby, we can increase the security maturity, with a main focus on the client, and more specific, the client's data.


That's why we're working with the Cyber Defence Program. A framework that, in a methodic way, identifies riscs, migrates and corrects. We're working with 4 stepts in a Plan-Do-Check-Act-method:

  • IDENTIFY : By performing a gap-analysis, we can identify the right needs.

  • PREVENT : After identifying the needs, the highest percentage possible of precautonary actions is being suggested. 

  • DETECT : Trough our SOC, we intercept threats that would pass the PREVENT-phase.

  • RESPONS : To learn from incidents and react efficient on attacks, it's necessary to determine a strategy in advance.