A unified Work Programme Management Solution for European Union Agencies

Keeping track of multiple projects, budgets, timelines and goals, and multiple project managers, can be a challenge. Organizations that have difficulty handling projects often perform poorly too. According to the Project Management Institute, high-performing organizations complete more than 80% of projects, meeting their original goals on time and on budget. Low-performing organizations, on the other hand, meet the goals of 60% or fewer projects on time or on budget. And that’s not all – the low-performing organizations also waste 13 times more money. 

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions provide a flexible, comprehensive way to manage multiple projects. Offered by a wide variety of companies, PPM solutions can range from a one-sizefits-all software package to a fully customized offering.



Project4EU is a project management solution approach created for EU agencies and institutions. Based on Microsoft Project Server, Project Professional, and SharePoint, it was designed to match the requirements of EU organizations. The methodology and processes applied by these organizations are embedded in a solution, which is structured to support Work Programme strategies and goals.

Project4EU contains the necessary building blocks for Project & Portfolio Mangement, Programme Management & Resource Management to help EU agencies manage their Work Programme successfully.  The solution comes with:

  • The standard Microsoft Project configuration
  • The Work Programme pre-configuration for EU agencies
  • The out of the box Reporting packages with Self-service BI

Advantages for you

For EU agencies and institutions, Project4EU offers three important benefits:

  1. Harmonization
  2. Cost Reduction
  3. Real-time insight and information.

How can Tobania help you

  • Implementation of Project Server/Project Online & PowerBI
  • Solution Training & coaching services
  • Project Management Training & coaching services
  • Development of Project4EU solutions & reporting