Interactive and creative websites and apps

Creating websites and apps is in our DNA. Interactive, creative websites in Drupal, Kentico or tailor-made. For example, we designed a specific CMS for cities and municipalities, i.e. eGO, precisely tailored to this target group.


A simple development phase and that’s it?

Even though the development phase takes up a large part of any website project, Tobania has developed its own individual approach. A website never stands alone, but forms part of an (online) strategy. We never just start constructing a new site. We will first work on drawing out the new structure. During this initial phase we will start translating our customer’s strategy into a web strategy, whilst taking both the customer’s and the visitor’s objectives into consideration. In concrete terms, this is how we work:

  • Developing the information architecture and web strategy
  • Wireframes and design
  • Development and testing
  • Analyses and improvements

From junior to expert-to-go, from technical to non-technical

We have a variety of profiles with each project, which are needed to successfully complete the website or app:
  • Backend and frontend developers
  • UX designers
  • Information architects and usability experts
  • Online Marketers
Our employees can also work on site.