Effective Campaigns

Marketing Automation can increase your marketing effectiveness and the ROI of your campaigns through:

  • Lead nurturing - deliver engaging content to prospective clients as they go through their buying process and establish yourself as an expert in what you offer.
  • Complex campaigns – create personalized campaigns where each step is dictated by previous customer interactions with your brand.
  • Buyer guidance - lead buyers through their customer journeys from abandoned shopping carts to requested-yet-undownloaded whitepapers through to purchasing completion.
  • Engage existing clients - automate customer onboarding by providing useful tips and educating them on how to get the most out of your products or services.

Easy-to-Manage Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation requires constant adjustments based on what you learn and how your communication strategy evolves. Kentico’s Marketing Automation is designed as a simple drag-and-drop interface so that even non-tech-savvy marketers can create automated campaigns and modify the flow of activities at any time.

From implementation to marketing automation
As an IT partner, we naturally ensure the correct implementation of the software. But we don't stop there. Do you need a Marketing Automation specialist who, together with the business, manages the scripts and introduces the flow into the system? Then you are at the right place.