Accurate time registration

Time@Saga is the ultimate time-tracking software solution for your enterprise. It features a time clock interface that is compatible with various brands of time clocks, and includes the option to create time clock entries using web techniques.

Integrated planning & time registration

The planning tool allows you to manage employees’ time clock entries and to tackle anomalies on the spot. Anomalies can be approved directly in the planning tool or by using a performance card.

In other words, time registration and planning are fully integrated; data processing happens immediately and requires only 1 application and 1 database. The configuration can be easily personalised, allowing you to apply your own rules.


Flexibility in terms of time clock registration

Time@Saga can be integrated with time clocks of various external parties.


In-house help desk

Tobania has its own helpdesk, so we can assist you quickly and efficiently.


Tobania EPS Suite à la carte

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