The complete solution for staff scheduling.

Plan@Saga is the complete solution for scheduling employees and keeping track of their performances. The application can be fully integrated into your payroll and HR service systems as well as remuneration packages.

A quick overview of the advantages:

  • A 100% Belgian solution: Tobania developed, owns and implements Plan@Saga. That means you can communicate directly with us and can rest assured that your systems are compliant with the working hours legislation and future-proof.
  • Reliable and profitable: Plan@Saga allows you to manage any number of employees at any number of locations.
  • Verified and approved by the FPS, meaning the legality of the solution is fully guaranteed.
  • Can be easily adapted to your needs and demands.
  • Combining multiple planning techniques is possible: cyclical patterns (regimes), wish rosters, flexible scheduling, self-scheduling, and so on. You select the planning technique that works best for you and can easily implement it in the department of your choice.



Employees can create their own schedule in accordance with staffing needs, all the while complying with the regulations of your organisation. Using a quota system, every employee can put together their preferred schedule and indicate priorities as they see fit. 

The Autoplan planner will subsequently generate the best possible schedule, taking each employee’s individual input into account.

Home care scheduling

At the end of 2015, the HACES Home Care Scheduling Project was launched under the umbrella of an iMinds/IWT innovation program. To this end, Tobania formed a consortium with KUL, CUO, Landelijke Thuiszorg, Villers and Vleminckveld. The final product – the Home Care Scheduling Module – has been available from Q4 2017 and is compatible with Tobania’s entire EPS Suite including Plan@Saga.

In-house helpdesk

Tobania has its own helpdesk, so we can assist you quickly and efficiently.

Tobania EPS Suite à la carte

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