Efficient HR management

HR@Saga is a fully integrated HR platform that is part and parcel of the EPS suite. It consists of various modules which can be introduced in phases, according to your company’s needs.  


Employee Self Services (ESS)

  • Employees can communicate their availability or stand-by preferences, request leave of absences and keep track of overtime.
  • The supervisor approves or denies the request, and the rest of the process takes place automatically.
  • Department schedules can be consulted, as well as personal information regarding overtime or the number of holidays taken.
  • Personal reporting.



Digital personnel files

  • Completely digitised staff files.
  • Upload as many data as you want from payroll packages.
  • Document management: centrally stored diplomas, contracts, certificates, … for every employee.
  • You can share information with an employee using the ESS module (Employee Self Service). The user permission settings can be endlessly personalised: you decide which data your employees have access to.



Training management

  • Sign up for internal and external training sessions.
  • Register team meetings.
  • A dynamic overview shows the available training opportunities.
  • Enrolments are processed automatically.



The accreditation module allows you to verify both certificates and training sessions within various domains:

  • Certificates: BAT, BBK, VV, ...
  • Educational trajectory
  • Personnel file
  • Assessments

In the current phase, you can monitor certificates and compulsory training sessions as well as educational trajectories and personnel files. 



To take your organisation’s competency management to the next level, distinguishing between required competencies and available competencies is indispensable. The competency dictionary should always be within reach. HR@Saga takes care of job descriptions and competencies, which you can easily consult and adjust.



  • HR@Saga enables you to schedule and manage assessments.
  • You can easily organise and save the results.
  • You can record action points and follow up on them.


Recruitment and selection

HR@Saga helps you manage your entire selection procedure, from the moment an application arrives all the way through the different steps of the recruitment process – taking into account your predetermined criteria at all times. Links to jobsites or webpages can be made to measure.

Employ asset management

Employee assets like smartphones, laptops, work clothes, … have to be registered and monitored. That’s where HR@Saga comes in. Automatic workflows alert employees of the actions they need to take.


In-house help desk

Tobania has its own helpdesk, so we can assist you quickly and efficiently.


Tobania EPS Suite à la carte

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