Workplace Management as a Service

Tobania’s workplace management, as a service, enables enterprises to outsource their asset, service and technology management to enhance the workplace experience. For all your endpoints, such as laptops, desktops, mobile devices or printers, Tobania offers a complete solution to support the end-users with all their IT problems.
Are you looking for a partner that not only supports your IT, but also enhances the productivity of your employees? Then Tobania is the way to go.

Why choose Tobania?

  • Price per seat, independent on how many issues Tobania receives
  • Single point of contact for all IT & software questions
  • Bring Innovation & NWOW to the table (Chatbots, HWVM, Pro-active maintenance, …) so your employees become more productive.
  • Agile-based working methods, enabling quick improvements
  • Focus on end-user customer satisfaction

‚ÄčIn depth

Service Desk

Tobania provides a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all requests regarding workplace management, within the scope of the agreement.

Shift Left

The goal of Shift Left is speeding up resolution times and improving Customer Satisfaction as a result. This is made possible by moving issue resolution closer to the end user and the 1st line, rather than escalating to the right to the next levels of support. Tobania has experience in delivering best practices that include this Shift Left.

On-Site support

Tobania provides a team of dedicated engineers to support the end user near his desk or current workplace. This team focuses on resolving customer issues as soon as possible, resulting in minimal disruption of the end user’s daily tasks.

Remote Support (Specialty Teams)

Based on our Shift Left methodology, Tobania aims to resolve as many 2nd line tickets as possible through remote support.

Service Points

Tobania provides service points to support end users at a central location at the customer. While the end user waits, these service points will resolve the issues that they were experiencing.

VIP Support

In the waiting queue, requests from VIP users have highest priority. In addition to this higher priority, they will be assisted where possible by one and the same Support Engineer. Our best and most experienced engineers are assigned to VIP support related activities.
Except for their technical knowledge and experience, there’s also paid special attention to presentation and communication skills for these VIP Support engineers.

Field Services

Field Engineers have the same technical profile as the on-site engineers at the customer, and will be trained to solve most issues as possible on first visit. They will carry most used spare parts with them, and will use portable devices, such as a laptop computers with cellular connection and a mobile telephone, to easily roam between the different sites and always stay up-to-date about the information they require to fulfil their tasks.

Innovation Advisor

Organisations strive for continual improvements and aim for high customer satisfaction. Tobania connects innovation to its customers by advising on best fit for purpose appliances. With our extensive knowledge of innovation technologies on the market, we can advise our customers on making the right choice to meet their strategic demands.