MidOffice offers cities and municipalities a 360-degree view of every citizen

Providing citizens with quality service is all about accessibility, speed and efficiency. While many cities and municipalities are heading in the right direction thanks to the ongoing digital transformation – e.g. offering citizens the ability to make appointments online –, there still remains room for improvement. MidOffice is a platform that benefits both municipalities and their inhabitants. It enables municipal staff to consult all the information they need on one screen and, hence, serve citizens instantly. Citizens in their turn can, in many cases, simply take care of their affairs online.


How does MidOffice work?

MidOffice simplifies the interaction between citizens and local authorities. To meet a citizen’s request, the civil servant only needs to consult a single back-office solution. Offering a 360-degree view of all relevant citizen data, MidOffice allows civil servants to service most citizens without having to consult with experts or other members of staff.
MidOffice is the result of optimised IT systems processes. Data from underlying solutions, back-office applications or government services (including the National Register and the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises) are merged and visualized in one single platform thanks to modern cloud technologies.
What are the benefits for your municipality?
  • All relevant information on one screen
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • A more comfortable work environment for your staff
  • Quicker service for your residents
  • Less administration
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Accessibility for citizens is always guaranteed via eBox