Rethinking Innovation

Business and IT alignment is all around us. It’s present in every consulting service or solutions portfolio. It’s trending in business literature, highlighted in resumes of applicants, …
As an organization facing unsuccessful strategy execution and poor projects results, it’s difficult to select the right solution (provider). How to compare services and solutions and eventually determine which is most suitable for the specific business need? 
At Tobania, we acknowledge this specific challenge. But, we also dare to look at things differently and from a broader perspective. We start by explicitly putting technology in support of business. We focus on the essence of business: a system of people, technology and processes where value is added to generate profitable outputs.
Nowadays, agility is key. Organizations need to excel in the execution of projects that contribute to the realization of their strategy. This is where we come in: “We rethink innovation”. We rethink your projects.

What projects?

Our area of expertise is the changing environment where HR, IT, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Data Analytics (supporting processes) contribute to the value chain (the core business processes).
We help transform your supporting processes into real, value enabling service providers for your business.


  • Jointly, transparently and in a creative way
  • Either via a one-off project, or in the form of a roadmap with improvements on the long term.
  • In true partnership.

What do you get?

  • We create and install the sustainable foundations for a smooth collaboration between business (the customer) and its enablers (the supplier).
  • Our Collaboration/Centricity Canvas describes in detail how people, process and technology together form the ideal biotope for (project) innovation.
  • Next to a project or innovation context, we give you a tailored project approach. Based on your strategy and our vision, we help you identify and realize the right projects

The basis of our value proposition is formed by 3 pillars:

  • APPROACH, tailored to your exact needs
  • PEOPLE (skills) that truly make the difference
  • Strong SUPPORT by offering a network of experts

Our uniqueness lies in the combination of:

  • (Internal) Customer focus (outside-in)
  • User/Stakeholder adoption (change management) 
  • Pragmatic and tailored (timely and effective – SMART) delivery of solutions 
  • Innovative project management approach (hybrid waterfall - Agile)
  • Triple perspective: people, process & technology
    • Process Optimization/Business Analysis
    • Refocus culture, facilitate organizational change, reset roles & responsibilities (change management)
    • Technology implementation