Project, Program & Portfolio Management

Many companies worldwide are overwhelmed by an increasing number of investments and project demands. From this wide range of initiatives, they need to choose the optimal balanced project portfolio to realize the company’s strategy. More so, all these choices should be made within the boundaries of available budget, timing and resources.

For years now, companies are struggling to successfully deliver programs and projects. With today’s focus on cutting costs and increasing efficiency, Business and IT are obligated to manage projects more closely than ever.

We believe that effective program and project management helps organizations to get a maximum return. We use well-known theoretical frameworks and methodologies if needed, but are also pragmatic and flexible in adapting to the customer’s specific processes if preferred. Our own Tobania project and program management approach is available when possible or applicable. 

Project Management

Project Managers juggle budget, quality, timing and scope. 
We, at Tobania, are eager to guide you to a successful project delivery. Our first step is to get to know your people and your organization. This allows us to fully recognize your strengths and abilities and lets us best understand what you do. The next step is to have a look where more business value can be created through hands-on project management.  
Realistic expectations and clarified project goals lead to a team- and process-driven approach of your project. Inspiring your team and guiding your project in a sustainable way through every phase, that’s what we do.

Program & Portfolio Management

These professionals manage a portfolio of projects with a common goal.

At Tobania, it’s a standard procedure to give a good overview of program objectives and overall status. We proactively assess and report on interdependencies and risks to assure quality delivery within budget and time. All program stakeholders receive the information and control they need in their respective role. 
Our consultants are experts in their field, they have a lot of experience in large programs, in different environments, in managing complex technological and in challenging political situations. Getting the job done while respecting people’s expectations and motivations and having the ability to absorb changes is what we do best.
Our Project & Program Managers possess the obvious:

  • Project Management skills
  • Process and project oriented
  • Qualified and certified
  • A good understanding of development lifecycles

and stick out by:
  • Being strong communicators
  • Acting with common sense
  • Keeping a strong focus on change early in the project or process

Our consultants might act as individuals on projects, but successful delivery is guaranteed through the support of a whole team of specialists. We also provide solutions to increase your maturity, and offer training tailored to your specific needs.