Change Management & User Adoption

Companies are often overwhelmed by fast evolving technologies, innovation and changing internal strategies. We understand that it’s difficult to align leadership, talent and project goals with business and IT strategies so you can make your digital transformation a success. All these changing dynamics have one, main thing in common: people

By helping you proactively engage and support your people in times of change, we offer you a chance to demonstrate how valuable these people are to your organization. Tobania leverages its hands-on and tailored approach, its expertise and its people-oriented consultants to guide you during these changes, so you can meet, and perhaps even exceed, your business and IT objectives. 
Our consultants might act as individuals on projects, but successful delivery is guaranteed through the support of a whole team of specialists. We also provide solutions to increase your maturity, and offer training tailored to your specific needs.


In a fast changing environment, people need the possibility to keep on growing in their role, and obtain the information and skills they need.  Our approach is characterized by taking the time to understand these needs that your people are confronted with, and by continuously evolving our trainings and workshops with the latest trends.  
We believe that a fit-for-purpose solution, where interactivity meets learning, will strengthen the retention of information in the training, and the progress that your people will go through. The way our trainings are given, will show how our consultants behave in their projects. We listen to what is truly needed and focus on how we can offer you the best experience for the participants. All so you can achieve optimal user adoption for your project!  
The foundation of our training is built upon an interactive and challenging environment. We dare you to critically think about the information which is offered during the training. We start our trainings in a calm and pleasant way, which will give you the possibility to get to know each other. Instead of a typical roundtable introduction to the other participants, we give you an example of how this can be made more interactive.