Business Architecture & Business Process Management

Consider navigating a ship or driving a car blindfolded. Add rapidly changing internal and external factors that force you to react quickly and effectively. A challenge at best, an accident waiting to happen most likely.
This is exactly what happens when an organization does not invest in mapping and managing their own architecture: its landscape of processes, applications and information flows.
We help you in the design of a comprehensive and interactive model of the people, process and technology elements of your organization and offer you a management instrument to support all organizational changes, including methods and techniques, and is practical in use.
You will go from non-integrated processes and systems in various parts of the organization towards integrated processes and systems throughout the entire organization.

What will you get? 

  • More transparency and agility for your organization
  • Reduction of complexity and cost when implementing changes
  • An effective instrument to prioritize and decide which things to do and in what order
  • Do the right things
  • A governance structure to change and build things
  • Shorter time-to-market for solutions that meet the goals of all stakeholders

Our Architects and BPM consultants possess the obvious

  • Qualified and certified
  • In-depth knowledge of modelling languages and frameworks
  • Strong in concepts, methods and tools
  • Analytical
  • Project management skills

and stick out by: 

  • Being strong communicators
  • Acting with common sense
  • Keeping a strong focus on change early in the project or process

Our consultants might act as individuals on projects, but successful delivery is guaranteed through the support of a whole team of specialists. We also provide solutions to increase your maturity, and offer training tailored to your specific needs.