All projects should be fulfilling a certain business need. The solutions that are designed and built, were made for internal employees or external customers.
Unfortunately, within projects, sometimes it happens that IT, with their technological solution already in mind, takes over too soon and the focus on the desired business solution is lost
Both in traditional and agile environments, we will guide our customers towards a fit-for-purpose solution with effective requirements engineering techniques
Tobania’s business analysts find creative ways to identify the real needs of a project, and reveal them in such ways that a constructive dialogue between business and IT is possible. This ensures that needs can be challenged, and changed, through an iterative process. 
When an agreement is reached between all parties, the business requirements are analyzed and documented in a structured and transparent way.
The "how" aspect of your project is the focus of our business analysts. They’ll convert business requirements into clear and detailed functional design, using mockups and wire framing techniques.

Business & Functional Analysis by Tobania

Gives you the obvious:

  • Process oriented
  • Capable to focus on the fit with business needs
  • Project Management skills
  • Qualified and certified

  Makes a difference by:
  • Excelling in communication skills
  • Acting with common sense
  • Keeping a strong focus on change early in the project or process
Our consultants might act as individuals on projects, but successful delivery is guaranteed through the support of a whole team of specialists. We also provide solutions to increase your maturity, and offer training tailored to your specific needs.