Maintain existing software applications

At Tobania, we have developed the Application Maintenance services in order to help our customers maintain existing software applications.
The reasons to ask us to maintain existing application can be diverse:
  • The internal developers should be put on newer projects
  • There is lack of knowledge (people go to pension, long term sickness) creating risk on the medium/long term for the organization
  • There is a need to better organize and manage the maintenance costs
  • ...
We have developed our own application maintenance methodology, based on the ITIL v3 processes, that allow the maintenance of an existing application to be executed in different phases: Investigation – Workshops - Transition – maintenance – Handover.

Our methodology guarantees transparent, professional maintenance without a vendor locking towards Tobania.
We provide customized services, on- or offsite with a predictable budget approach.

We can take, based on the customer’s requirements, the engagement on predefined SLA’s and produce professional KPI reporting.

We organize the maintenance with local resources and our dedicated governance guarantees that we stay agile and flexible towards our customers.