Javascript part of the future of application development

At Tobania we prepare for the future and the JavaScript technology may play a crucial role in the future of application development.
While this technology started many years ago in the sole goal of dynamizing the user interface in a web browser, the last years have proven that JavaScript is now a complete and modern technology that can be used to build complex applications on the front- and/or the backend side.
With the use of tools like Node, RequireJS, NPM, Grunt, WebPack,... the development suite now includes all professional modern tooling that we could find in Java or .NET technologies before. The possibility to use modern frameworks such as Angular or ReactJS now allow us to build and design modern and complex applications with clean separation of the layers. The language itself, with TypeScript, ES6,... and the transpiling techniques allow to use a modern, professional programming language with all features that a modern developer dreams of. With the new server based frameworks such as Express, Node,... we can now build backend applications completely running on a JavaScript application server. And finally new technologies such as NativeScript or Ionic allows to implement native mobile apps using JavaScript.
For all those reasons, we believe that JavaScript is a first-class citizen like Java or .NET and we help our customers to implement JavaScript applications, either fully (front to back) or partly (front in “professional” JavaScript, back in Java or .NET).