Developing in Java, for more than 18 years

We build and maintain complex and critical applications in Java providing the best quality to our customers.

At Tobania, we use Java technology since year 2000. We have therefore ‘lived’ the Java history, starting developing applications using JDK 1.1, experiencing the joys (and stress) of deploying enterprise java beans 1.1 on RMI over IIOP, using Spring a few years later, early MVC frameworks such as Struts, … .  Of course, those last years, our projects focus more on cloud based architectures, mixing micro services with containers-based infrastructure in DEVOPS-Agile based squads.

We cannot count the number of Java based applications we have delivered in production at our customers in 18 years… Examples are many: a full CRM system in a large bank, a complete invoicing validation workflow in a medicare institution, a subsidies budget management system in a public institution, … .

What really drives us is to deliver an innovative application in production that solves real business needs. That’s it, we do not only do Software Development, we do Software Delivery!

More than 100 experienced Java Tobians

We count today more than 100 experienced Java experts and we continue our growth.
Our Java chapter and associated guilds are internal organizations through which consultants can participate in internal R&D projects, in Java communities, internal trainings,… This creates an informal network of competences within the company.

Keeping our knowledge up to date

We take different initiatives to keep up with the latest trends en news. That's why we are a proud sponsor of DEVOXX where we hold a booth every year.
We keep up to date with the latest evolutions and coach our customers in adopting them in order to add value to their businesses.