COBOL is here to stay

At Tobania, we believe that COBOL will still be there in the coming years, and we invest also in this technology. Although the technology itself has not evolved a lot those last years, many critical applications are written in COBOL and besides COBOL lies also the architecture of mainframe servers which are the core systems of many complex organizations.
We help our customers maintain the existing COBOL applications and provide the necessary help in order to keep those applications up to date from a business point of view. For the customers who have decided to decommission COBOL applications, we also help them in such a journey, either by redocumenting sometimes outdated code or by helping them migrate and modernize the business functionalities that were implemented in such application.
Knowledge management is an important issue today for COBOL applications, especially with a whole generation of COBOL developers going to pension. We help our customers to capture and manage the knowledge of those applications passing the baton to a new young generation of software developers and using more modern knowledge management tools.
We can help your organization in the management of COBOL applications even through outsourcing contracts where we solely take the responsibility and commitment of maintenance of existing COBOL applications.