From tokens to drones: smart cities are the future!

Posted by 13 January 2017

Mobility, energy, safety, citydevelopments, ... the list of challenges for cities and municipalities keeps on growing. Being spectators of the event is not an option at all. To provide an answer to the increasing population, workdload and climate problems, innovation is the keyword. Cities that want to develop themselves in a sustainable way will have to transform themselves to "smart cities". Discover which criteria they'll have to meet to become a smart city.

How does a smart city works?

What's the difference between "regular" cities and municipalities on one side, and smart cities on the other side? It's all about the vision on the future. A smart city is primarely thinking in the long run and makes decisions that have a positive impact on the sustainability from the city or municipality. And then you'll soon come up with smart mobility, maximum energysaving, sustainable citydevelopment, digital communication, ... Topics that a smart city each treat with high priority.

Working on viability

The starting point: creating a good quality of life in urban areas with the focus on the citizens and connectig inhabitants with each other. Technology plays an essentiel role. Today just about everybody own a smartphone, and that creates a lot of possibilites. Think about an app to report on signaling issues or a traffic management adjustment, all based on data (wificonnections, smartphones) and sensors that map the different traffic streams.

Private- and public initiatives

Urban innovation not only iniatiates from the upper hand, but also from the citizen itself. There are many private initiatives that contribute to a viable city. Think about Deliveroo, a home delivery platform which uses bycicles as a means of transport, or Amazon's plans to deliver their supplies with a drone.

Urbi+ is another great example of a smart-city-tool. It not only makes the community guard much more efficient, but also the green- and police services.

Urbi+: mobile office

Thank to Urbi+, your public service now has a mobile office. Views, schedules, notifications, and more are managed in one handy app. Away with the paper hassle. With Urbi + community guards, green services and police services spend less time in the office and more time in the street.

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