One platform to optimize the entire customer journey? Now that’s easy

Posted by 01 March 2017
Your (potential) clients are swamped with irrelevant information these days. A personal approach is the only way to avoid the ‘content fatigue’ that’s settling in all over the internet. You don’t have time for that? Think again. Thanks to marketing automation, you can present your customers with the content they are looking for, without investing extra time or effort. The idea is to go for a customized approach that’s completely in tune with their position in the customer journey. That’s how you treat them to the best user experience. Read on to discover all the possibilities of Kentico, a user-friendly platform that manages to combine CMS, ecommerce and online marketing.

What Kentico can do for your customer journey

Kentico is so much more than CMS. This all-in-one business platform optimizes and clusters your ecommerce and online marketing activities, all the while guaranteeing a smooth customer journey. And that, in turn, generates more leads.

Kentico offers a number of interesting possibilities, including:

  • Integrated A/B testing
  • Content personalization, creating relevant information for every (potential) customer who visits your website
  • Marketing automation, so you can boost your sales and add a personal touch to the process

Kentico is a modular platform, and that has its advantages. Quickly updating the layout or adding a new page on the spot? You can easily take these matters into your own hands thanks to this flexible and dynamic platform. Added bonus: you don’t have to cough up money for every little extra.

Personalized communication: hello customer!

The Kentico platform not only allows you to interact directly with your website visitors; it also yields a wealth of information so you can map customer behavior and see what attracts the attention of (potential) customers.

Social media integration is a breeze thanks to Kentico as well. You can easily interact with customers who get in touch with you via your social media channels. This kind of communication works wonders to lower the threshold and increase customer loyalty. In addition, the platform offers integrated solutions for email marketing. Sending targeted and dynamic newsletters and tracking their performance? That is child’s play with Kentico.

Don’t start from scratch

You are interested in all Kentico has to offer, but you’ve already built an extensive database you don’t want to throw overboard? That’s no problem at all: you can easily integrate the data from your previous website into the new platform.

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