Tobania rewarded again in 2017!

Posted by 12 June 2017

Winning this award, has a lot of advantages for you, as a Tobania customer.

Do you know how your network looks like? Do you know what data runs on your network? Is your network secure enough?

Again in 2017, Palo Alto Networks has recognized Tobania as Nextwave Gold Partner. Due to our strong partnership and certified professionals we can offer today a way of answering above questions.

Our engineers can conduct a detailed assessment of your network security posture, free of charge !

  1. In this first step, we will assess, together with the customer,  the correct placement of the security sensor and perform a configuration sanity-check.
  2. In the second step, we will set up a Next-Generation Firewall from Palo Alto Networks to a TAP or SPAN port to see what data is really running on your network.
  3. Finally, we provide you with a full report of the Security Architecture & Design Review (Step 1) and the Security Check-up (step 2), including a smart investment plan aimed to raise your security to a higher level.
  4. Optionally, Tobania has certified Palo Alto Networks Endpoint Professionals, which also free-of-charge can help you with a demo and Proof-Of-Concept (POC) of the Traps Endpoint protection solution. This next-generation endpoint technology will help you upgrading to a stronger security posture, required for today’s rapid evolving threats!

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